About Andersons Tyres

 Andersons Transport like most transport companies are continually looking at how we can control costs and protect what is a very tight profit margin.

In 2014 we identified Tyres as one cost that needed to be challenged. Our UK options were very limited as the industry is controlled by a few and to buy direct from main manufacturers wasn’t allowed. We decided to research and find the best suppliers we could find from East Asia as so much of what we buy is made there.



Out of 7 factories we identified 3 that were offering quality products and also making big volumes for top end OEM Clients.


Out of the Three we chose one factory  that was in our opinion the best for Quality, Range, stability and service, this was key for us as we wanted to find suppliers that could offer us a sustainable solution for the long term.


Key points about the factory we selected:


  •         The Company is a leading subsidiary of a Group that is in the Top 500 National industrial enterprises in China
  •          Established in 2004, with over 3 billion Yuan of fixed assets and employs more than 5000 staff & workers
  •          All Tyres have the European ‘Reach label’, which means they are compliant for the European market after passing stringent tests.
  •          They have an annual production capacity of 3,000,000 truck tyres, and more than 100 sizes and patterns
  •          The factories are impressive on a scale we have not seen in the UK  [PICTURE]
  •          All the machines are modern & advanced and they are using the most up to production methods  [PICTURE]
  •          Only the highest quality raw materials are used,supplied by some international conglomerates
  •          Automatic storage facilities 
  •          The product has a full warranty
  •          Every single tyre is quality checked, and x-rayed to ensure high quality is maintained [PICTURE]
  •          The People are professional and very focused and passionate about their products [PICTURE]



Since 2015 Andersons Transport have been using directly sourced tyres on their own fleet.

We are so pleased with the results we are now wholesaling these tyres directly to other hauliers throughout the United Kingdom.


For orders of 4 tyres or more we can offer free delivery to your workshops or tyre management/fitting companies.