Truck Tyre's

Truck Tyre's

Browse and Shop online for Truck Tyres in all positions of steer, drive & trailer. Our tyres offer safe, reliable and highly efficient solutions for the transport industry.

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215/75 R17.5 (BT957) - Drive

16PRMainly for drive wheels Applicable for medium and high speed riding on normal and good roads Wit..

295/80 R22.5 (BT219) - Steer

Medium and Long Haul Application of Steer, Trailer. Good Road, City Road and Highway...

295/80 R22.5 (BT388) - Drive

Long Haul to Regional Application of Drive Axle. Various Road Conditions, such as Mix Road, Good Roa..

295/80 R22.5 (BT588) - Drive/Rough

Regional to Urban Application of Drive Axle. Muddy Road, Mix Road, Snow Road...

385/65 R22.5 (BT215N) - Trailer

Mainly for rated load and long haul application of trailers. For High speed riding on good roads.&nb..

385/65 R22.5 (BT668) - Trailer (Super Single)

Regional Transportation of Steer and Trailer Axle. Good Road, Normal Road, Paved Road.Super Single T..